I write about reasons without a definitive judgement whether they are pro or con. Some are obvious, but other ones are not, and will depend on what your preferences are. Of course, many posts are written just for fun and should not be taken too seriously.

Reasons for/against moving to Brač:

  1. Because Islands magazine said so
  2. You can hunt your own seafood and make a meal out of it
  3. There are limitations to how and when you can get on the island and how you get from one place to the other, especially in the Winter
  4. You can sit on the stone steps of the house and enjoy a coffee in peace and sunshine
  5. A cool little lighthouse with a great view
  6. Jugo weather is damp, dreary and makes you coo-coo
  7. Sounds of Winter on Brač: water splashing against the rocks
  8. They’re cute and they vibrate when you sit on them and they’re really noisy
  9. The funny, conflicting sign for the town of Mirca
  10. Great windsurfiing in Bol
  11. The greeting ritual for a special tree
  12. A beautiful sculpture of Jesus that can be seen through the keyhole
  13. A giant pine tree that’s over a 100 years old
  14. Biokovo mountain offers a stunning backdrop
  15. A sign that wants you to be pure in Sutivan
  16. Torcida – football fans marking their territory
  17. Just butterflies
  18. Jesus crucified by four nails
  19. Pick some bay leaves and de-gas your beans
  20. Asteroid 10645 Brač
  21. Stone Stations of the Cross in Supetar
  22. You could be living in a village with a really cool name like Bobovišća
  23. You can prick yourself on a sea urchin (and you can eat it, too)
  24. You can watch fishermen repair nets
  25. With Bura, you could be stuck on either end of a broken ferry line
  26. Bad weather can cause a power outage
  27. Islanders pay half the price for the ferry to mainland

  28. You can catch crabs with your bare hands
  29. Google autocomplete question: Why is Croatia so beautiful? … because of Brač, of course :)
  30. Jugo waves may lead to upset stomach
  31. Each Jan 31st you can visit the Škrip museum for free at night and enjoy a fun event
  32. Sounds of Winter on Brač: passing a church and catching a choir practice
  33. Enjoy wonderful sunshine and warmth mid Winter
  34. Sounds of Winter on Brač: The noise from Jugo waves and wind can be gut wrenching
  35. Organically grown citrus fruit means you can use the peel to make Narancini
  36. Your buttocks might not appreciate the winter all that much
  37. Take pride in (or be embarrassed about) hearing jokes at the expense of your Bračka stinginess
  38. These happy flowers brighten up your winter days
  39. The beautiful sight of night lights on Biokovo
  40. People here will try to fix things others would trash
  41. You are always in touch with nature
  42. More jokes to be proud or embarrassed about
  43. Bumping into a train of caterpillars after a storm
  44. Jugo weather will dump trash on the beaches
  45.  Lots of cool types of cacti can be found on Brač
  46. An expression you can use to get people off your back
  47. There are still a few donkeys around and they’re cute
  48. Sometimes you can buy fish straight off the boat
  49. Even more jokes to be proud or embarrassed about
  50. A hearty, traditional bean and pasta meal
  51. Just sunset
  52. It doesn’t take much to have fun
  53. Great view of Brač from Biokovo
  54. Living on an island can cause a sense of isolation
  55. Great excuses when you want someone else to do it for you
  56. The “baa-aa” and the “me-eh” and the “ding-dong”
  57. The Greek god Hercules is part of Brač history
  58. First sunny day, grab the chance to air the house
  59. The sight of almond trees blooming in the winter
  60. Sheep as travel companions
  61. Cooking utensils used for cooking stuff other than food
  62. This year Brač is not on TripAdvisor’s Best Islands list
  63. Serious carnival celebrations in Selca
  64. Another serious carnival business matter: maškare
  65. You could run into a horse in the wild
  66. Cook a delicious meal out of almost any fish
  67. The women of Selca
  68. It’s easy to plant collard greens and they’re super nutritious
  69. People are there for you if you need them
  70. No reason, just a video of Selca :)
  71. Stone huts to hide from rain when you’re in the field
  72. Olive trees are all around you
  73. In springtime you can pick flowers in the wild and your house will smell great
  74. St. Anthony will make sure you don’t get lost in the woods
  75. There’s always people around, even when you don’t want it
  76. First sign of nice weather and you can hang outside with the village elders
  77. You can join a brass band in Selca and play ABBA’s greatest hits
  78. Delicious cookies with walnut paste stuffing
  79. A trunk full of Brač immigration history
  80. Here on Brač you can find wild asparagus – super healthy and yummy
  81. Rugged hands of men who have worked with stone all their lives
  82. The sheep choir
  83. If it snows, you don’t have to go to school
  84. Just when you thought there weren’t any more jokes to be proud or embarrassed about…
  85. You can expect just about any type of weather in March
  86. Odd stuff like old phone booths
  87. Find pieces of rock in the woods and build a patio
  88. A sense of scarcity
  89. Birds singing in the forest
  90. Check out how the Selca church was built back in 1930′s
  91. Palm trees create a nice tropical vacation feel
  92. Sheep and goats could get poisoned if tras-grazing
  93. Building material can be bought from someone’s back yard
  94. Miles and miles of billboard-less space
  95. Some uphill roads on Brač are really tough for cycling
  96. You can love or hate the sound of fishing boat motor early in the morning
  97. Carve out a wooden snake if you can’t find the real deal
  98. Weird murman/murmaid statues you never get tired of looking at
  99. If you’re ego trippin’ you can carve your name into a rock (but please don’t)
  100. Brač is a great place for kids and grownups who love trucks
  101. Watch boats roll in and out of the Sumartin harbor
  102. A funny place to put a teddy bear
  103. Bring your olive branch to Palm Sunday
  104. Join in the singing before the mass on Palm Sunday
  105. The Selca elementary school is dedicated to the fallen Partisans
  106. Just rainbow
  107. Snails are not as cute and innocent as they would have you think
  108. Jesus drawings by elementary school kids
  109. Springtime on Brač is heaven on Earth
  110. Attend a very special ritual on Easter Saturday to see Roman soldiers fall at the tomb of Jesus
  111. Tasty and sweet traditional Easter bread
  112. You can see all the stars in the Brač sky
  113. You can pick your own wild greens and cook a healthy, yummy meal
  114. Endless jokes you can be proud or embarrassed about
  115. Meet lovely and patient donkeys
  116. Life can be monotonous by comparison
  117. One of the first statues of saint John Paul II
  118. Beautiful bell sounds of the Selca cathedral
  119. Follow the Cross in a traditional Easter procession
  120. Compete in a singing talent show
  121. Riding the ferry can be anything you want it to be
  122. Slovakian author lived here and wrote about life on Brač in 1900
  123. There are no shopping centers on Brač
  124. Eat May 1st bean soup in great company
  125. Some boats get to have a nap over the winter
  126. Now you can use a guidebook to find all the amazing plants in the wild
  127. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
  128. Pučiške krafne – doughnuts made in heaven?
  129. Roses are red… and yellow and white and pink and…
  130. Brački roosters go “ku-ku-riku!”
  131. Life on Brač is a real-life laundry detergent commercial
  132. Get yourself a sinkhole and plant a crop
  133. This Japanese pretends to be an orange and smells wonderfully
  134. Dip your toes in the Adriatic while riding your bike (almost)
  135. Living on Brač makes you feel like a Roman emperor
  136. There’s something special about this limestone
  137. Smelly millipedes in your house
  138. Snakes come out to get a sun tan and get squashed by cars
  139. Brač is so awesome that even river birds fly over from the mainland to live here
  140. Brač has its own ice brand – I dare any island in the world to top that!
  141. Nine year olds take part in a traditional Catholic ritual
  142. Car parts don’t get thrown away, they get up-cycled
  143. You can watch fishermen hoist nets onto boats
  144. When tragedy strikes you can count on people here
  145. Stone busts can hold your hats, why not
  146. Red poppies in the spring
  147. Grow mint for your teas and cocktails
  148. To enjoy yummy meat you must face reality
  149. Pinch free seasoning on your way home from the beach
  150. You can’t take your gun into a supermarket
  151. Scented greeting at the gates
  152. Admire art by one of the greatest sculptors of our time
  153. Brač sheep make delicious cheese
  154. Beautiful things grow out of stone
  155. A few reasons cyclists might not like
  156. Beautiful oleander trees adorn streets and seafronts
  157. Driving too fast on the road Nerežišća – Supetar
  158. Getting your boat back in the water can be tricky
  159. Cats, kittens and pussycats
  160. Beach season starts in June
  161. Get broad beans, peas and potatoes
  162. Brač cemeteries are a beautiful final resting place
  163. The initial “in love” phase eventually wears off
  164. Throw out the garbage, see who’s playing this weekend

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