Coin tossing game

Reason #52: it doesn’t take much to have fun

This game with the catchy title: Whose Coin Lands Closest to the Wall Wins has been played by many a Selca schoolkid.

The best thing about it is that you can play it just about anywhere.

All you need is two people, a wall and a bunch of coins.

You stand at an agreed distance from the wall, you each throw a coin of the same value towards the wall. The closest one to the wall (whether it bounces off or not) is the winner and takes the other one’s coin.

You play until one of you runs out of coins, until you get bored or until your parents yell at you to come home.

The best place by far to play the WCLCTTWW game is the entrance to the Selca church. Especially when it’s raining outside and you have time to kill before the mass. 

This is the proper distance to the wall…. I wonder what Adolf Schlauf up there thinks about the whole thing.

Our coins landed and mine won. Yay!

Hvala, Galaksija! :)

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