Gentlemen’s net mending club

Reason #24: you can watch fishermen repair nets

Fishermen are not afraid to show off their sewing skills. Or is it knitting? In any case, they have to go through ALL those fishing nets. Yikes!


At least there’s plenty of coffee.


I wonder what net-mending men chat about when they sit around for hours like that? Football, of course. But I bet they also talk about their favorite TV soap or who wore what to the mass on Sunday… “And did you see so-and-so? OMG, could that shirt have been any tighter?”. I bet you they do.

If you’re a guy who’s thinking of moving to Brač and you’re now really excited about the idea of joining the guys and helping out, you’ll first have to get some basic skills. I suggest googling fishing net repair howtos.

UPDATE: and now you can see them in action, hoisting those nets onto a boat.

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