Lights out!

Reason #26: bad weather can cause a power outage

On a Bura day like today or during a storm you can suddenly be left without power.

I knew this and still I didn’t prepare, so earlier this evening I was scrambling to find a flashlight or a candle. If you live on Brač, you should always be prepared for this. Know where your candles are at all times! And matches.


Pros of a sudden power outage:

  • you can’t watch TV
  • you have to snuggle up next to someone
  • candles

Cons of a sudden power outage:

  • your heater is out (in the winter)
  • your AC is out (in the summer)
  • stepping on your glasses, or the cat, or the baby in the dark
  • candle light can be very unflattering. Ladies, stand at a safe distance if you’re trying to impress someone.

PS I’m still stuck on mainland thanks to Bura. See previous post.

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