“Can you please get that? You’re….”

Reason #55: great excuses when you want someone else to do it for you

Let’s say you’re lounging after lunch and you want to read the magazine that’s just out of reach and you don’t feel like getting up… if you’re in Selca you’re in luck because ever since I can remember people here have had this 3-part menu to choose from when they want someone else to get them something out of reach.

You can’t use all three at once, you pick the one you think is best suited for the occasion and the person you’re trying to manipu…. erm, you’re trying to get to do this for you. Here they are…

“Can you please get that? You’re…

  1. Ti si mlađa (You’re younger)
  2. Tebi je lakše (It’s easier for you)
    and my favorite of all
  3. Kad si već na nogan (You’re on your feet already)

Here’s an example of how that goes:

“Ajme, Jube, daj mi te novine sa stola… ti si mlađa.”

“Nu, Nado, stav vo u frižider…. kad si već na nogan.”

“Mali, odnes vo doma… tebi je lakše.”

All three can be used even when they are not true. The person doesn’t have to be younger, for example, or really fully standing up even. And often it can’t be objectively assessed what is “easier for you”.

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