Asteroid 10645 Brač

Reason #20: Brač has its own asteroid

Wikipedia tells us that this is a “main belt” asteroid and that it was discovered on March 14, 1993, by Korado Korlević of the Višnjan Observatory.

This is not the Brač asteroid but this is how I imagine it looks. Very cool :)

Photo source:

Questions that immediately come to mind:

  • Is it made of Brač stone? and…
  • In the event of becoming a meteorite and hitting Earth, will it hit Brač, or the US, like in all the movies?

I tried googling it for images (unlikely, but what the heck, right). A very weird find on eBay. Is it a bra or is it a book on asteroids? Whatever the case may be, the good news is that it’s 22% off if you order now :)


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