Names of towns and villages on Brač

Reason #22: you could be living in a village with a really cool name like Bobovišća

I just think they’re so cool and charming and weird. And they’re quite eclectic in their origin. Of course, the impression you get from hearing them can totally vary, depending on where you come from and what language you’re used to.

Here they are, in no particular order (other then Selca being No.1 :)):

  • Selca
  • Dol
  • Bol
  • Murvica
  • Gornji Humac
  • Donji Humac
  • Dračevica
  • Novo Selo
  • Bobovišća
  • Ložišća
  • Milna
  • Mirca
  • Pučišća
  • Povja
  • Splitska
  • Postira
  • Škrip
  • Nagorinac
  • Nakal
  • Puntinak
  • Rasotica
  • Nerežišća
  • Pražnica

And then the three saints, of course:

  • Supetar – Sv. Petar (St. Peter)
  • Sumartin – Sv. Martin (St. Martin)
  • Sutivan – Sv. Ivan (St. John)

I might have missed some, especially the smaller ones, so please let me know and I’ll gladly add them.

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