Winter sunshine

Reason #33: enjoy wonderful sunshine and warmth mid Winter

The island of Brač boasts an amazing 2700 sunny hours per year!

From the Bay Watch beach in Sumartin (yes, that’s the name of the beach :)) you can see the snow on top of the Biokovo mountain on mainland there. That, and the lack of tourists on the beach are the only two clues that this photo is taken in December and not in July ;)

Although Winter months are unpredictable and can range from a yucky, rainy, grey Jugo day to a blow-you-off-the-pier crisp windy Bura day, and anything inbetween,  thanks to the Mediterranean climate there are plenty of warm, sunny days to enjoy.

The coldest month is January, with an average of 8° C, but that doesn’t tell the whole story because you could be cold in the shade on 15 degrees, but move just one chair over, to sit in the sun and you’ll start sweating. In the winter I’m equipped with at least 3 layers of clothing, preferably more.  If the sun is shining, between 11am and 3pm I will strip down to a t-shirt or a just a top.

If it’s windy and sunny, that’s a different deal. Then you need some type of wind-breaker jacket and you can still enjoy the sun, sitting or even better, walking or hiking.

On a crisp and clear winter day you can see Selca, Sumartin, Biokovo, Hvar and Pelješac, all at once. 

The only place that beats Brač in the number of sunny days per year is the neighboring island of Hvar. No wonder they made a brand out of it: “The Sunny Island of Hvar”.

Back to Brač… The sunshine and other aspects of the climate here, this is the reason why I believe tourism can extend to nearly year-round. It’s ridiculous that the season lasts barely 2 months (July-August), even less if you count only full-capacity occupancy. One of the reasons I moved to Brač is to seize this opportunity.

My front door faces south. Great for me, great for the lemon tree.

Greetings from my office in the Winter sun :)IMG-20131216-00626

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