Masquerade ball

Reason #64: another serious carnival business matter: maškare

Grownups dressing up and acting silly is a serious matter in Selca. The big masquarade ball was held this past Friday. All part of the carnival festivities.

Check out the Babushke Family. Amazing costume work. Kudos guys!

And how about these Smurfs. With a (friendly) Gargamel, Smurfette, the works!

Two pirate dudes and a scary lady. Tres chic!


The ball was held at the Sokolana hall in Selca, with live music from Slaven & Pero. I had to miss it this year, unfortunately, but I hear it was a blast.

Photos by: Marina Jakšić, Irma Bezmalinović Eterović i Nenad Živković. Hvala vam svima!

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