Jesus Four Nails

Reason #18:  Jesus crucified by four nails

Continuing with the Jesus theme… What would you say to the question: How many nails are holding Jesus up on a cross? Me and everyone I’ve asked in Croatia have said ‘Three’. That’s the image we were used to, growing up, I guess. So this statue of Jesus in Selca has always been confusing to me. I was sure that the artist made a mistake.


Then I found out about the ongoing debate about the Holy Nails and that there’s still no definite answer to the question, even by the Church – was Jesus hanging up by three of four nails. Four definitely seems slightly more comfortable, so I hope it was four.


And this spot is called “By the cross” and in times before mobile phones and when we used to go on foot a lot it was used often as a meeting point on the way to the beach. So, one would say for example: “Wait for me by the cross and we’ll go together.”

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