Prickly and edible

Reason #23: you can prick yourself on a sea urchin (and you can eat it, too)


The bad news is that this stunning creature’s armor consists of incredibly sharp and thin “needles”. If you step on one, the needle goes into your flesh and breaks off, making it really hard to remove. I will usually get them out with a sewing needle myself, but to first-timers I suggest getting a nurse to do it.

The good news is twofold:

  1. there aren’t that many of them. In fact, at most beaches you won’t even see them.
  2. the water around Brač is so clean and clear that you can easily see them and avoid stepping on them :)

2006-06 094

Warning aside, if you’re really careful and touch them gently, you can actually pick them up in your hand. They will move in your palm and tickle you. It’s very nice. Put them back where you found them when you’re done, though.

Unless you’re going to eat them :D

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