Krnovaj – Carnival

Reason #63: serious carnival celebrations in Selca

Krnovaj is the local name for Carnival. It’s part of the European tradition that precedes Lent. The festivities include masquerade balls, kids and grownups dressing up and going around the neighborhood (similar to American trick or treating), processions, recitals and burning symbolic figures in effigy.

Krnovaj in Selca is a big deal. A group of locals get together and think up skits mocking local ‘celebrities’ and public figures.

Poster, announcing Krnovaj festivities.

Mr. Krnovaj (effigy) and his guards, just before the show.

Ms. Lilly as the Raffle Ticket Master.

The Selca movie theater was packed.

The two and a half hour show was really funny, sometimes mean (to the ones it was mocking), though.

“Zumbice”, one of the many funny sketches at this year’s show.

I didn’t win anything in the raffle and I wasn’t mocked in the skits. I have a year to do something crazy enough or important enough for them to  make fun of me next year.

The procession was cancelled due to rain (but no rain check, unfortunately).

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