This place is bugged!

… but in a more literal way than in spy movies.

Reason #137: smelly millipedes in your house

If you’ve lived in urban areas all your life and now you’ve moved this close to nature, this will be something to get used to. You will find lively, crawly creatures in your house from time to time.

These are my least favorite ones. They’re very crawly and they smell. They smell especially bad if you touch, squish or hurt them in any way.


Here they go by the name smrgorke, but I couldn’t find anything under that name on the internet. They’re millipedes and they’re harmless. That much I know.

Found one in my bathroom the other day. They always look for water, so you tend to find them there.


I’ve tried different ways of killing them. Picking them up gently will still cause them to release the smell. So my latest technique was to spray them with toilet cleaner. That kills them and seems to stop the smell from getting too bad.

They don’t seem to show up in the summer at all. And new houses and properly insulated places probably don’t have this problem at all.

You have been warned, though.

Don’t let the snails fool you

Reason#107: snails are not as cute and innocent as they would have you think

We’ve had a few April showers last few days and that means the snails will come out.

I always thought they looked funny and cute.



But they are not as innocent as they appear. As a city girl until recently I was totally clueless, but now that I have my precious greens growing in the garden I know full well that snails are evil. Yes, evil. They feast on my beautiful greens and leave ugly holes in the leaves. Bad snails!

Poskok wannabe

Reason #97: carve out a wooden snake if you can’t find the real deal

(Mama, ne čitaj dalje. Slika zmije! Nije prava, ali sliči.)

Poskok is the most poisonous snake in Europe and we got them on Brač. But more on the real deal in another post.

This post is dedicated to its impostor, a wannabe Poskok carved out of a piece of wood found on Vidova gora.

The fact that it’s fake won’t help my mom who’s terrified of anything that even resembles a snake. Let’s hope she reads the warning before she looks further.


The artist is Jurica aka “Lola”, a fellow hiker in the “Profunda” hiking club. It took him about 10 minutes, as something to do on a marenda (brunch/lunch) break.

Get away from billboards and neon advertising

Reason #94: miles and miles of billboard-less space

One of my absolute favorite things about living on an island like Brač, after having lived in cities all my life: there is hardly any advertising, especially no billboards and neons.

Look to the north…


Look to the south…


All clear.

OK, some can be seen in a few of the bigger places on the island, especially in and around Supetar. And a few more will pop up during the summer, targeting thousands of tourists who visit the island in July and August. But that’s still nothing.

But some people might miss the sight of big city advertising. Some people might get super annoyed at the kinds of alternative sights Brač has to offer… Such as…

Bob Squarepants & friends balloon fest. Really annoying, all those happy faces…


Pizza place advertising. For a pizzeria that hasn’t been open in years. So that’s annoying…


Street name plates in stone. If you don’t like stone, it’s really annoying…


Art at the side of the road in Novo Selo. Really annoying, as all art should be closed inside galleries…


Mess behind a mechanic’s in Radonja, plus, trash container advertising. Really ugly annoying. Everything in the world should be tidy and neat…

UPDATE: I checked yesterday, this particular mess has been cleaned up. So, that’s annoying. But there’s definitely other messes out there, don’t worry.

Same goes for this old Fićo (Fiat 600). Rally old and annoying…


This cageball sign written by hand. Cost nothing probably. That’s annoying…


My uncle’s socks in fresh air and sunshine. Annoying…


This hand painted sign advertising a restaurant in Povlja. How annoyingly adorable and unique…


Some joker mocking poor cows. Annoying when someone has a sense of humor…


This guy’s selling home made vine in Postira. With a home made sign for it. How annoying…


Annoying cyclists who are amused by their own shadow…


Bags of olives waiting to be taken to the press. Annoying stuff. Olives should be seen only properly packaged in jars with fancy stickers on them…


Trees in meadows. No advertising anywhere. How annoying…


Donkeys. Just standing there. Not advertising anything. Probably annoyed because of it…


So, there. If you think you’ll miss looking at billboards while stuck in a traffic jam and inhaling exhaust fumes on your way to work, you definitely shouldn’t move to Brač ;)


To poison or not to poison, that is the question

Reason #92: sheep and goats could get poisoned if tras-grazing

As dramatic as that sounds, apparently it doesn’t happen too often.

So I came across this the other day, on a bike ride.


If we take a closer look, you’ll see that the sign says OTROVANO:


Otrovano means poisoned in Croatian. As in, the land beyond this fence has been poisoned. As in, the owner of the land has treated the land with toxic weed killer chemicals recently.

So, I’m told that there have been a few people known not to notify like this and when another guy’s sheep or goats die from poisoning, they feel justified because they should not have been on the land in the first place.

Another, more common way of communicating that a piece of land has been treated is to leave the container (of the chemical you used) up on the gate, for all to see.


Luckily for everyone, humans and animals alike, not everyone resorts to using chemicals on their land.

Wild horses on Brač

Reason #65: you could run into a horse in the wild

They say they’re not wild wild, more like semi-domesticated slash wild. But they rein free and nobody owns them, so that’s all that matters.

Wild Horses
Photo was taken by Malcom, (aka Selca on Flickr). Thank you for letting me share!

I hope I run into one of these gorgeous creatures some day.

Fresh off the boat

Reason #48: sometimes you can buy fish straight off the boat


On the one hand, you can’t count on a regular supply of fish like in the big city, and there aren’t even proper fish markets, except in Supetar.

But on the other, it’s pretty cool that you can just come down to the pier early in the morning and see if there’s any.

It’s always sold fresh. Especially in a small place where there’s not many tourists. The locals can’t be fooled easily ;)

A tip for a newcomer like me is to observe older, wise-looking locals, see if there’s any fish that they frown at, and go for the ones they go for.


Reason #47: there are still a few donkeys around and they’re cute

Some locals still have donkeys and use them for carrying stuff to and from the fields, olive groves, etc.

This guy was soooo cute I wanted to pet him, but I was told they can bite you. I’m going to test that warning another time, when there’s a doctor near by :)

Ass Kisser
Cool photo above by vankufer. Thanks, buddy!

Another one by vankufer

There are also mules (cross between a donkey and a horse) here on Brač, but I can’t tell them apart yet. Some of these could be mules, I don’t know.

Prickly and edible

Reason #23: you can prick yourself on a sea urchin (and you can eat it, too)


The bad news is that this stunning creature’s armor consists of incredibly sharp and thin “needles”. If you step on one, the needle goes into your flesh and breaks off, making it really hard to remove. I will usually get them out with a sewing needle myself, but to first-timers I suggest getting a nurse to do it.

The good news is twofold:

  1. there aren’t that many of them. In fact, at most beaches you won’t even see them.
  2. the water around Brač is so clean and clear that you can easily see them and avoid stepping on them :)

2006-06 094

Warning aside, if you’re really careful and touch them gently, you can actually pick them up in your hand. They will move in your palm and tickle you. It’s very nice. Put them back where you found them when you’re done, though.

Unless you’re going to eat them :D