Scenic coastal cycling route Supetar – Pučišća

Reason #134: dip your toes in the Adriatic while riding your bike (almost)

Brač offers tons of cycling routes, with various difficulty levels, vistas and sight-seeing opportunities. This is one of the loveliest and most scenic of all: Supetar – Splitska – Postira – Pučišća.


A good portion of this route is at, or just above sea level. It takes you through bays, beaches, villages and even vineyards.

You can take paved road all the way, but if your bike can handle it, I recommend going partially off road (between Splitska and Postira, and between Postira and Lovrečina).

Don’t forget to take your swimsuit and a beach towel with you.


A special thanks to Davor Cvitanić for the route tips :)

You can always contact me if you need more specific information about this or any other route on Brač.

Pučiške krafne – doughnuts made in heaven?

Reason #128: Pučiške krafne – enough said

It’s debatable whether this is a pro or a con of living on Brač. It depends on whether you care about getting fat and whether you possess the necessary willpower to keep a potential addiction under control. I don’t, but I still would not want to live in a world without Pučiške krafne. Ever.


Krafne are similar to doughnuts and they’re a very typical Croatian pastry available at any store or bakery. The dough is usually filled with marmalade, jelly or chocolate. The Pučiške krafne are shoulders above any other krafne, in my book. They come in two flavors: chocolate and marmalade.

Although you can get them anywhere on Brač, it’s best to come visit Pučišća and enjoy them there, as god intended ;)


It helps if you’re going to get on a bike afterwards and burn them off.

Pučiške krafne are made at the Grikula pekara in Pučišća, Brač. Each morning their truck delivers these and other baked goods to stores all over Brač. Make sure you ask for the “Pučiške” since all krafne look more or less the same. But they don’t taste the same.

PS I’m now told the best way to try them is warm, straight out of the oven. I have a feeling someone will be camping out in Pučišća this summer ;)

No thyme for Scarborough Fair

Reason #127: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Hiking or cycling on Brač in April and May you feel like you’re in flower heaven. Colors and smells are fantastic. Sage and rosemary are practically everywhere you look. And with parsley in your garden, you know what that means… you can’t help but hum Scarborough Fair as you go ;)

Sage in the wild

Growing out of a rock

Sage planted to decorate public spaces 


Rosemary. This was taken back in February when it was in bloom.

Parsley in our garden

Now all we’re missing is some thyme. Obviously we can’t show up at the Scarborough Fair until we have all four. The guidebook tells us it’s definitely here somewhere, so off I go:



Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel

Hardest roads for cycling

Reason #95: some uphill roads on Brač are really tough for cycling

Brač is awesome for cycling! That’s one of the top three reasons I’m here, of course :D But it’s not easy cycling. Both paved and off-road cycling routes are pretty tough. Especially in the summer, when it’s too hot during the day. To understand this better, check out the elevation profile on this sample route: selca supetar sutivan   Yes, that’s upwards of 500 m above sea level, and there are routes that go higher than that. But as long as you have a decent fitness level, you take enough water with you and cycle in moderate heat, you should be enjoying it. My least favorite bits of road on Brač for cycling in the summer are these two: Bobovišće – Dračevica route. No shade, straight uphill battle. No houses, so if you run out of water, it’s torture. IMG_4377 Another road from hell scenario in the summer is this bit between Supetar and Nerežišća. Also straight, steep and long, no shade. DSC01131

Headed to Selca?

Reason #60: sheep as travel companions

Cycling or hiking around Brač you just never know who you’ll run into. In this case a single mom and her little lamb. So cute.



SPOILER ALERT:  the little one doesn’t  know it yet, but it’s going to end up on a spit come springtime. Sorry if that’s too much for you. I did call “spoiler alert”, though. My conscience is clear.