This place is bugged!

… but in a more literal way than in spy movies.

Reason #137: smelly millipedes in your house

If you’ve lived in urban areas all your life and now you’ve moved this close to nature, this will be something to get used to. You will find lively, crawly creatures in your house from time to time.

These are my least favorite ones. They’re very crawly and they smell. They smell especially bad if you touch, squish or hurt them in any way.


Here they go by the name smrgorke, but I couldn’t find anything under that name on the internet. They’re millipedes and they’re harmless. That much I know.

Found one in my bathroom the other day. They always look for water, so you tend to find them there.


I’ve tried different ways of killing them. Picking them up gently will still cause them to release the smell. So my latest technique was to spray them with toilet cleaner. That kills them and seems to stop the smell from getting too bad.

They don’t seem to show up in the summer at all. And new houses and properly insulated places probably don’t have this problem at all.

You have been warned, though.

Diocletian: “Come back to Rome, are you crazy?!”

Reason #135: living on Brač makes you feel like a Roman emperor

The legend has it that after Diocletian retired from being a very successful Roman emperor and moved into his palace in Split, Rome was in trouble and so they asked him to come back and run the place again. To this Diocletian supposedly told them: “If you could see the raštika* growing in my Palace garden, you wouldn’t be asking me this.”

That pretty much sums up how I feel when someone calls to ask when I’m coming back to Zagreb. Without the part where anyone there needs me to run the place, though :D

The view of raštika from my Palace in Selca:

As mentioned before, the credit for anything growing in our garden goes to my amazing Aunt Nada.

*raštika is collard greens in English. More on this yummy plant in this post: Planting your own multi-vitamin (raštika).

Hang me out to dry. Gladly.

Reason #131: life on Brač is a real-life laundry detergent commercial

The sun is shining, the air is clean, the wind is blowing… yes, washing your clothes here feels like you’re in a TV commercial for Ariel washing powder.


Not all year round, of course. There are wet, cold Jugo days when you can hang your clothes out for days and they never dry. But there’s always another sunny day just around the corner if you wait it out.

Some clothes were hurt during the making of this commercial.

Roses are red… and yellow and white and pink and…

Reason #129: grow a garden full of beautiful flowers

With this wonderful Mediterranean climate on Brač there’s lots of warm and sunny days all year round and that means anyone can grow just about any plants and flowers they want.

Disclaimer: my anything-but-green thumbs are not in any way responsible for this garden. Aunt Nada is the wizard behind this magic. I just get to wake up to it every morning. That’s a pretty rosy deal, as far as I’m concerned.

Don’t let the snails fool you

Reason#107: snails are not as cute and innocent as they would have you think

We’ve had a few April showers last few days and that means the snails will come out.

I always thought they looked funny and cute.



But they are not as innocent as they appear. As a city girl until recently I was totally clueless, but now that I have my precious greens growing in the garden I know full well that snails are evil. Yes, evil. They feast on my beautiful greens and leave ugly holes in the leaves. Bad snails!

Sunset over Selca

Reason #51: just sunset

Instructions for good living:

  1. Sit on your porch or balcony
  2. Be quiet
  3. Enjoy the view


Sorry for the crappy camera.  It just doesn’t do this sunset justice.

Oh, well… you’ll just have to come and see it for yourselves ;)