Trashy advertising

Reason #164: throw out the garbage, see who’s playing this weekend

For some reason it’s common to put posters advertising live music and DJs on trash containers. Why not, I say!

Honeymoon is over

Reason #163: the initial “in love” phase eventually wears off

This is the case with any big move. The typical “honeymoon period”, where you’re in love with the place and everything is amazing, eventually has to wear off.

For me that usually comes at the 6 month mark. And here it is, right on time and unrelenting. Like a Swiss train.

The hard thing about the Honeymoon being over is that you no longer live on a high of everything being great. Things actually start looking ugly.

The great thing about the Honeymoon being over is that you can finally start seeing things as they really are, in relation to you. And that’s when you can really start enjoying a place for what it really is.



Rest In Peace on Brač

Reason #162: Brač cemeteries are a beautiful final resting place

If you’re looking for a great place to be buried in, look no further than one of the many wonderful cemeteries on Brač.

Great views, plenty of sunshine, fancy tombstones – Brač has it all. Put it in your will and come on down!

Seasonal veggies ::: part I

Reason #161: get broad beans, peas and potatoes

There’s some veggies all year round, but in the spring it starts getting crazy. People have so much stuff growing you’re bound to get some for free, or at least buy it at a symbolic price.

It’s all, what we in the city would call, organic. Here, people just call them vegetables.

Broad beans. Yum! Yum! Yum!


Potatoes with a heart:




Beach time!

Reason #160: beach season starts in June

Although you can be a hero and start dipping your toes already in April and May if you want, the water really only starts getting comfortably warm in June.


How warm is warm enough, you ask? 21-23 C (70-73 F), for some. Locals won’t start going to the beach until July, when it’s 24 C (75 F) and higher.

Raining cats and … more cats

Reason #159: cats, kittens and pussycats

As cat people know, you can never truly own a cat. Here on Brač especially, as there are always cats running around or lounging; cats that everybody feeds and pets, but nobody keeps caged. They have it made!

On a less happy note, there have been instances of mass cat poisoning sprees. Basically, somebody leaving poison all over the village for cats to eat. Lots of people still mourn their friends who died in this way. Unimaginable, who would do such a thing!