To poison or not to poison, that is the question

Reason #92: sheep and goats could get poisoned if tras-grazing

As dramatic as that sounds, apparently it doesn’t happen too often.

So I came across this the other day, on a bike ride.


If we take a closer look, you’ll see that the sign says OTROVANO:


Otrovano means poisoned in Croatian. As in, the land beyond this fence has been poisoned. As in, the owner of the land has treated the land with toxic weed killer chemicals recently.

So, I’m told that there have been a few people known not to notify like this and when another guy’s sheep or goats die from poisoning, they feel justified because they should not have been on the land in the first place.

Another, more common way of communicating that a piece of land has been treated is to leave the container (of the chemical you used) up on the gate, for all to see.


Luckily for everyone, humans and animals alike, not everyone resorts to using chemicals on their land.

Headed to Selca?

Reason #60: sheep as travel companions

Cycling or hiking around Brač you just never know who you’ll run into. In this case a single mom and her little lamb. So cute.



SPOILER ALERT:  the little one doesn’t  know it yet, but it’s going to end up on a spit come springtime. Sorry if that’s too much for you. I did call “spoiler alert”, though. My conscience is clear.