Cheaper ferry tickets for islanders

Reason #27: islanders pay half the price for the ferry to mainland

This is my first trip from mainland and back at a special, island price of 15 kn (one way). That’s half the price of a regular ticket.

IMG-20140127-00921 (768x1024)
This morning in Makarska. Proudly sporting my “otočka karta” :).

To become eligible for this price you have to become a permanent resident on Brač. More on that in another post.

These tickets are subsidized, i.e. the money comes from the national budget, as part of the support for the islanders who already have it a bit harder in some ways than the mainlanders.

For example, for me to go to see a specialist in Zagreb means half an hour to get there, half to get back home. And no transportation cost (as I would ride my bike, unless the specialist I’m seeing is an orthopedic surgeon).

But for me to see a specialist living here on Brač, I’m going to have to go to Split, it’s going to take me all day starting with the bus from Selca at 6 am, and it’s going to cost me:

  • bus to Supetar and back – 2 x 40 kn
  • ferry Supetar – Split and back – 2 x 15 kn (subsidized)
  • i’m going to walk to the hospital in Split to save money, unless I’m running late
  • total – 110 kn (136, with regular ferry tickets) –

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