Reason #54: living on an island can cause a sense of isolation

Photo source: NASA

Although Brač is relatively close to mainland (16km from Split to Supetar, and in some places not more than 5km to mainland) and there are multiple, daily ferry connections that take you to mainland in under an hour, it’s still an island, it’s still surrounded by water, you can’t just leave whenever you feel like it.

Unless you’re born and raised on an island, moving to one as an adult will take some adjusting. It could be a good thing, you might actually like that sense of isolation and restraint. Or, you might hate it and feel cut off from the rest of the world. Or anywhere in between.

It’s just something to consider before moving to an island.

Where am I on that scale? I’m actually surprised that I’m not feeling cut off or limited in some way. I don’t particularly enjoy the fact that I can only leave the island on some predetermined schedule, or that sometimes I can’t leave at all (strong winds), but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It actually feels worse if I can’t get back to Brač from mainland. Now, that’s saying a lot.

And comparing this to living in Taiwan… although Taiwan is an island, I think because of its size and the fact that from Taipei you can’t see the ocean, nor the mainland, to me it just didn’t feel like I was living on an island. I know some other ex-pats there feel differently though.

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