Cold toilet seats

Reason #36: your buttocks might not appreciate the winter all that much

I’ve talked about the wonderful sunny Winter days here on Brač, but I would be misleading you if I didn’t mention another aspect of Winter, especially if like me, you are staying in an old, stone house, without central heating. I’m talking about a place where the sun don’t shine… yes, the toilet.

Most people here, including me, won’t heat the bathroom constantly. Unless you have a new (or renovated), well insulated house and an economic central heating system, to heat all the rooms in the house is just too expensive. That means that the bathroom is cold in the Winter. And mine is especially cold, as it was built with little consideration for proper insulation.

The pain of your warm buttocks touching the cold toilet seat can be excruciating. Especially in the middle of the night, when you have to get out of your bed, the only warm place in the house.

One way of alleviating this is to go in right after someone else. The seat will be a bit warmer ;)

Or I could just install one of these:


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