Narancini (orancini, arancini)

Reason #35: organically grown citrus fruit means you can use the peel to make Narancini

Candied orange peels . They’re delicious.


You need orange peels from oranges that have not been treated by chemicals. Such as the ones you can find on Brač :D

1/2 kg of sugar (per 4-6 oranges, roughly)

  1. Peel the oranges
    My oranges are quite thick-skinned with lots of white between the skin and the juicy part. In that case make sure you don’t pick up much white stuff with the skin, it has no flavor and too much of it leaves your arancini a bit bland.
  2. Cut the skin in small strips (see pic)
    The exact width is not important. It’s more about the presentation, so if it’s important to you, then by all means, cut them evenly. Mine are varied.
  3. Place them all in water (see pic)
  4. Change water a couple of times per day over 3-4 days (the longer they stay in water, the less of a zest/twang they’ll keep)
    — 3-4 days later —
  5. Dump all the water
  6. Take a wide pan
  7. Put the orange peels and the sugar in the pan (see pic)
  8. Cook over medium heat
    Sugar will melt, there will be some liquid, stirr so it doesn’t stick or caramelize (see pic)
  9. Cook until water evaporates and sugar dries up again (see pic)
  10. Take the peels out and let them dry
    This will happen in a few minutes. They’re ready to be eaten.
  11. You can add more (fresh out of the bag) sugar before they dry, but it’s not necessary
  12. Don’t forget to eat or juice the oranges, though ;)

Here are the pics:






You can do the exact same thing with lemons.

There are different kinds of recipes for candied orange peel. Here’s one from WikiHow.

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