There’s no getting away from nature

Reason #41: you are always in touch with nature

Even if you choose to live and work in Brač’s biggest and most developed town, Supetar, you’re still surrounded by nature. Sorry.

Living in the city means you could be living on the tenth floor of a skyscraper, well insulated and surrounded by concrete, protecting you from wind, rain, cold, heat; you could be driving to work in another huge building, with climate control and with barely  a window to tell you what the weather is like outside…nature is something you do on the weekends and holidays. You know what I’m talking about.

On Brač you can try all you want, you just can’t escape nature and the elements. You can never be insulated (isolated) enough not to know and feel how cold or warm it is outside. You cannot move around without being in touch with some aspect of nature, like sea, trees, stone, animals, wind, etc.

It sucks that way ;)

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