“Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your… ferry away!”

Reason #25: with Bura, you could be stuck on either end of a broken ferry line

Yesterday I came to mainland to visit friends, and today I can’t get back home.

Up until yesterday we still had Jugo, then yesterday the Jugo and the Bura fronts were battling it out. And today Bura won and now it’s a full on attack of this awesome wind.

One of the things you need to know about Bura if you live on Brač, is that if it’s strong enough, it will stop the ferry line Makarska – Sumartin.

The Jadrolinija ticket office in Makarska typically informs the public in Croatian only: “The Makarska-Sumartin has been suspended”

Bura comes down over the Biokovo mountain and hits Makarska really hard, and because the Makarska harbor doesn’t have a proper docking situation, it’s unsafe and even impossible for the ferry to load passengers and cars.

This is where the ferry is supposed to be. You would have no idea, based on this photo, but I could barely hold the camera still to take the picture.

The ferry will stay in Sumartin, where they built a new, superduper pier, making Sumartin safe from even the strongest of Bura “attacks”.

In situations like today, we’ve two options:

  1. wait it out in Makarska, or
  2. go to Split, take the ferry Split-Supetar.

Split – Supetar line is not as affected by Bura, which makes it a safe bet. Still, check with Jadrolinija just to make sure. This past December was the first time in 20 or so years that that line too got suspended for a day. Bura was that strong.

A bus from Makarska to Split is pretty easy to catch. The ride is 1,5 hrs.

The difficult part, for those who live in the SE corner of Brač, like me, will be to get from Supetar to Selca. As I mentioned before.

Bura then turns a 1h ferry ride + 2km trip (Sumartin-Selca), to a trip that takes 4 hours, 140 km and costs 100 kn more. Sucks :(

Despite all that, I actually still love Bura. I might change my mind after the novelty wears off, we’ll see :D

Bura’s fast and strong gusts create a spray effect on the surface of the water.

UPDATE: Monday morning (3 days later) and the ferry is running again. I was greeting the ticket lady and the ferry crew with “Oh, I’m so happy to see you guys!” that they must have thought I was a weirdo. I don’t care, I was SO happy to see them :)
IMG-20140127-00920 (1024x751)
The morning after a 2-day Bura storm – like nothing ever happened.

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