Night at the Museum

… not the kind with Ben Stiller ;)

Reason #31: each Jan 31st you can visit the Škrip museum for free at night and enjoy a fun event

Long Night of the Museums is actually a European tradition that’s observed in Croatia as well. Each year on January 31st all museums across Croatia are open till midnight and all admission fees are waived.

Photo source:

The Škrip museum is particularly active on this night. Last year it was awarded for having the best theme among all the museums. People of Brač are notoriously stingy (I would say, economical), so the theme of the Night of the Museums on Brač was “Večer bračke škrtosti” (Evening of Brač stinginess). There’s more to this story and I’ll save it for another post.

This evening’s theme is “Hercules”, because he has a special relationship with the stonemasons of Brač. I can’t be there, but I hope they’ll have a great one.

Noć Muzeja 2014, Muzej otoka Brača


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