Honk the horn for the old bent tree

Reason #11: greeting ritual for a special tree

I won’t tell you exactly where this tree is, it’s more fun if you find it yourself :)*

IMG_0234 (1024x754)

You should honk the car horn, or greet the tree in some other way, whenever you pass by. I’m not sure where the ritual comes from. My mom told me about years ago and I’ve been saying Hi to our special tree ever since. It feels like greeting an old friend.

*It’s somewhere along the main road that connects Supetar and Sumartin.

UPDATE: Sad to say but I found out somebody took the tree down recently. I can’t believe it. So sad :(

2 thoughts on “Honk the horn for the old bent tree

  1. Yeah! You wrote about this! See my comment in your post about the pine tree… I, m sorry for giving away its location…

    • Ingrid, it’s so sad. They’ve taken the tree down. I drove past there yesterday. It’s gone :( I can’t believe it. :(

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