Favorite old pine tree

Reason #13: a giant pine tree that’s over a 100 years old

Whenever I come back to Brač it’s the sight of this tree more than anything else that means home to me. It’s somehow comforting to know it’s been there for so long and that its roots are so strong.

IMG_0246 (768x1024)

If you look closely at the above pic you’ll see that’s it’s strapped in the middle by big tyre tubes, tied by steel wires. The whole harness secures the tree to the house. The house too has a special story, but that’s for another post.

The tree has been damaged in a storm recently and lost the whole left side, but I wanted to put up this photo where it’s still in its old glory.

And this is the view of the house with the tree from our place:

IMG_0301 (1024x758)

Ingrid, I think you took these pics. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Favorite old pine tree

  1. It’s such a beautiful tree! When I see it I know I’m in Selca with people I love. When will you write about the tree on the road from Supetar and Sumartin? You know, the one at which you have to ‘toeter’ three times when you pass it…
    And I’m sure you will write about the figg trees!

  2. Hey, Ingrid! Thanks for being the first to comment on the blog :)
    I will definitely write about the figs :)). I will wait until they are in season.

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