“Pus me stat”

Reason #46: an expression you can use to get people off your back

One of the staples of local communication style, the expression “Pus me stat” (poos meh stat), can be translated as “Leave/let me be” or “Don’t bother me with that”.

In this benign form it’s used when a person just doesn’t feel like talking about something, for example. “Ma, pus me stat, čoviče. Dosta mi je govorenja o politici.” (Don’t bother me with  politics, man. I’m sick of talking about it.)

It still might sound rude to an outsider, but it’s not meant aggressively and it’s perfectly acceptable to talk like this here without anyone getting offended.

In a more aggressive form, it’s used when a person is agitated and then it means: “Leave me alone!”. You’ll hear older men say this, after a lot of nagging from their wives: “Ma, pus me stat, ženo! Gren ća!” (Leave me alone, woman! I’m outta here) … and off they go to play cards or watch sports with other men at the local cafe. They come back later like nothing happened :)

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