Windsurfing at the Zlatni Rat beach in Bol

Reason #10: great windsurfing

This part of Brač is different from the rest in that it’s almost always windy there. That makes it great for windsurfing. You can bring your own gear, or rent from one of the places there at the beach.

IMG_0237 (1024x757)

IMG_0240 (1024x765)

Zlatni Rat beach, photo taken from Vidova Gora, the top of the island.

IMG_0260 (1024x768)

And just to be clear, the name of the beach has nothing to do with rats :) The word “rat” in Croatian means “cape”, as in Cape Cod, for example. The name of the beach is Golden Cape. More about Zlatni Rat.

Photos by Ingrid Van de Voort. Thanks!

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