First Communion in Selca

Reason #141: nine year olds take part in a traditional Catholic ritual

Croatians take their Catholic traditions very seriously. And in the case of the sacrament of First Communion that means that in towns and villages across Croatia little nine year old girls and boys prepare for a special service in which they take their first hostia, i.e. the Body of Christ.


Brač is no different, of course. Even if you’re not religious it’s interesting and nice to go see this special service. Compared to most Catholic services this one is more cheerful with the children center stage, singing and performing.

The 10 boys and girls in Selca were really excited to take part in this ritual.

After the church service each child’s family holds a reception at their house. The child receives gifts, there’s lots of food and a special cake.

Here’s a short video that sums up the long First Communion service.

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