Roadside supermarket

Reason #149: pinch free seasoning on your way home from the beach


Koromač (fennel) leaves can be finely chopped and added to lots of refreshing dips. However, Bračani don’t do no dips, so if you want to do as the locals do, you will add fennel leaves when you’re boiling blitva (chard), preferably with some bob (broad beans) and a potato. Seasoned with just salt and olive oil.

Did you know that fennel is one of the main ingredients in absinthe? I bet it just got instant cred in your book, am I right? ;)

Rosemary is everywhere, too. Even if you’re not going to be marinating or baking anything that particular day, it’s great to just pinch a bit off, or even just run your fingers through it. Mmmm, lovely.


Capers are also something you no longer have to buy in the supermarket if you live on Brač. Their bushes sprout from between the blocks of stone on old houses. More on when to pick them and how to preserve them another time.


Fennel is great for decorating roadside posts, too.


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