Brač has a big heart ♥

Reason #144: when tragedy strikes you can count on people here

In the devastating floods of May 2014 that have affected large areas of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes and help was and is still needed. Everyone in Croatia has rallied and helped. The people of Brač were no different. Emergency humanitarian aid was raised in a couple of days and shipped off to the flooded areas.

The photos show just a portion of the collection activities. Some photos by: Pučišća FB page,

Not to paint too rosy a picture of Bračani, there is another side to this coin. A small number of people react to these kinds of situations with selfishness, nasty comments or look for self-interest and self-promotion. There will always be people like that everywhere, luckily their voices are quickly drowned out.


To get an idea of scale and effect of the flooding, watch this powerful video by Robert Balasko

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