This place is bugged!

… but in a more literal way than in spy movies.

Reason #137: smelly millipedes in your house

If you’ve lived in urban areas all your life and now you’ve moved this close to nature, this will be something to get used to. You will find lively, crawly creatures in your house from time to time.

These are my least favorite ones. They’re very crawly and they smell. They smell especially bad if you touch, squish or hurt them in any way.


Here they go by the name smrgorke, but I couldn’t find anything under that name on the internet. They’re millipedes and they’re harmless. That much I know.

Found one in my bathroom the other day. They always look for water, so you tend to find them there.


I’ve tried different ways of killing them. Picking them up gently will still cause them to release the smell. So my latest technique was to spray them with toilet cleaner. That kills them and seems to stop the smell from getting too bad.

They don’t seem to show up in the summer at all. And new houses and properly insulated places probably don’t have this problem at all.

You have been warned, though.

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