Diocletian: “Come back to Rome, are you crazy?!”

Reason #135: living on Brač makes you feel like a Roman emperor

The legend has it that after Diocletian retired from being a very successful Roman emperor and moved into his palace in Split, Rome was in trouble and so they asked him to come back and run the place again. To this Diocletian supposedly told them: “If you could see the raštika* growing in my Palace garden, you wouldn’t be asking me this.”

That pretty much sums up how I feel when someone calls to ask when I’m coming back to Zagreb. Without the part where anyone there needs me to run the place, though :D

The view of raštika from my Palace in Selca:

As mentioned before, the credit for anything growing in our garden goes to my amazing Aunt Nada.

*raštika is collard greens in English. More on this yummy plant in this post: Planting your own multi-vitamin (raštika).

2 thoughts on “Diocletian: “Come back to Rome, are you crazy?!”

  1. Looks great! On an unrelated note, why do you think that so many houses on Brač always have all of their window shutters closed? We like to let the sun and scents come in!

    • Thanks, Tom! And that’s an interesting question and I’ve thought about it before…. I guess privacy? They don’t want passers-by to see in. Not sure. I know when we lived in Holland my mom came to visit (she’s from Brač) and she was shocked that the Dutch keep their windows open so everyone can look in… do you have a theory?

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