Hardest roads for cycling

Reason #95: some uphill roads on Brač are really tough for cycling

Brač is awesome for cycling! That’s one of the top three reasons I’m here, of course :D But it’s not easy cycling. Both paved and off-road cycling routes are pretty tough. Especially in the summer, when it’s too hot during the day. To understand this better, check out the elevation profile on this sample route: selca supetar sutivan   Yes, that’s upwards of 500 m above sea level, and there are routes that go higher than that. But as long as you have a decent fitness level, you take enough water with you and cycle in moderate heat, you should be enjoying it. My least favorite bits of road on Brač for cycling in the summer are these two: Bobovišće – Dračevica route. No shade, straight uphill battle. No houses, so if you run out of water, it’s torture. IMG_4377 Another road from hell scenario in the summer is this bit between Supetar and Nerežišća. Also straight, steep and long, no shade. DSC01131

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