Iz Amerik

Reason #79: a trunk full of Brač immigration history

On the trunk it says: Mr. Eugen ing. Grgurević; at Peter Carevich (Carević) 466 W. 22 Str, San Pedro, California, U.S.A.

I’m guessing this trunk was sent by Petar Carević with goods to feed the family in Selca. Probably flour, sugar, salt, all the basics…

I found out about him in the book “Iseljenici otoka Brača” (Brački zbornik 13). He was born in 1892 and immigrated to the US in 1909.

Many Bračani immigrated to the United States (but also South America, Germany, Australia, Canada…). Their stronghold in the US is still San Pedro, CA. They contributed significantly to the fishing industry there.

Immigration is a huge part of Brač history and I’ll talk about it in another post in more depth.


UPDATE: Another trunk, this time the sender and the recipient seem to be the same person – T. Ursich and Tonči Ursić…. They’re both Tonči Ursić, but they’re different people. Tonči is a popular name in Dalmatia :)


Trunk photo op thanks to Doris :)


Croatians of my generation will know why this topic reminds me of this particular song ;)

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